Aadi Amavasai is the New Moon in the Tamil month of Adi. New Moons are the times to set is right with your ancestors. The months of Adi- July/August- and Thai- January/February, are considered especially Divine Months that the Gods and Goddesses have marked as the months they will most enhance our lives.

Aadi is the month when Sun is in the zodiac of Kataka (rasi)/ Cancer. It is the house of Moon (Moon is the lord of Kataka). Amavasai / full moon day is the day when the Sun and the Moon rise and fall at the same time.

As far as astrology is concerned, the Moon is MANOKARAKA (the planet which determines psychological factors and self confidence).

As far as science (astronomy) is concerned the Moon has gravitation/ magnetic pulling power, which makes the oceans have a high tide – as the sea water is attracted by the Moon.

Amavasai will always give good results as it is the beginning of a growing phase of the Moon.
Aadi Amavasai is the no moon day, or the darkest day, in the Tamil month Aadi. This Amavasi or Amavasya is dedicated to performing Tarpanam and Sharddham to dead relatives and ancestors.

Why one should do Tarpanam/Sharddham to dead relatives on this day ?

Spiritually speaking, there are two reasons for all our mundane problems – one caused by the planets, the other by departed spirits. We should constantly take care of them in order to have a peaceful life.

Just as there is biological lineage of transference of DNA along the family line, there is spirit lineage. It is as though there is a spirit DNA as well. Your departed ancestors can help solve your problems.

The ancestors are known to live in Pitru Loka or the ancestral world. The 64 generations of dead ancestors can help solve your money, relationship, health, and other problems quite easily, if one knows how to communicate with them.

By performing Tarpanam ritual, you can connect with them and pray for peace to their soul and gain their blessings. It is also said that the Tarpanam ritual liberates your ancestors from any curse.
It is a process of satisfying the ancestors and enables one to negate the unwanted desires.

The main rites and rituals dedicated to dead relatives are performed on the riverbank or on seashore. The method of performing the rituals varies from region to region and from community to community. Usually, elderly people and priests help people perform the various rituals like Tarpanam and Sharddham. A similar ritual known as Karkidaka Vavu Bali is performed in the neighboring State of Kerala on the day.

Thus any action on Aadi Amavasai day will give manifold effects. Praying for the departed souls on that day will make your children successful apart from giving you success in your career, income and health

How can doing doing Tharpanam pooja for ancestors considered as pooja for God?

The Siddhas have answered this. They say God accepts anything done selflessly for the betterment of others as a pooja done unto Himself. So if one does tharpanam sincerely for the spiritual elevation of ancestors, most assuredly that is pooja; not all of one’s ancestors can be considered to be at an elevated pitru state. Many of one’s ancestors could have taken birth as plants, birds and animals. Those with a lot of bad karma (suicide, abortion, etc.) may not even be able to take birth in a new body; they may be roaming around as disembodied beings desperately yearning for a spiritual push from some kind soul. One does tharpan selflessly for these souls so that they may advance in their evolutionary path. Rest assured that this selfless act of tharpan, done for those who have passed on, gets the appreciative nod of the Divine.

That is why during the tarpanam rite, an oblation is also offered to all the souls who may or may not have anyone to do tarpanam in their names.

A fast (fasting) is observed by people on the day – some people only have a single meal on the day. Hindus also take a holy dip in the various scared rivers, seas and sacred ponds or Teerthams. Agni Theertham in Rameswaram, Thriveni Sangamam in Kannyakumari and various holy ghats on the banks of Kaveri River are the most popular spots preferred for the holy dip.

Taking a bath in the seas is supposed to give great punya (goodness) as all the punya rivers come and join the ocean. Thus bathing in the ocean equals bathing in all the auspicious rivers.

Please do the honour to your ancestors who in turn can bless you with good health, wealth and prosperity. Take advantage of the hidden powers of New Moon and clear your obstacles.