Poojas and Homas need to be performed to improve our life style, wealth, health, hapiness and to remove negative effects / dosha. Hindu’s vedic system has a list of various homas and poojas to be conducted based on the need. As stated in the cosmic theory of every action has its equal reaction; by performing these homas/poojas, we could get positive results and feel the difference. Below are the list of homas/poojas for your reference, including its benefits.

No. Homam/Pooja Benefits
1 Sri Maha Ganapathi Homam To get victory. win over Hindrances, Auspicious result, Progress prosperity.
2 Sri Navagraha Homam To eliminate bad elements in house, navagraha dosham
3 Sri Miruthyunchaya Homam To stop unexpected accidents, remove the death fear.To strengthen life.
4 Sri Ayushya Homam To extend the immortality age, to protect and prolong
life span.
5 Sri Mahalakshmi Homam To achieve prosperity and wealth in life.
6 Sri Astha Lakshmi Homam To improve wealth position and prosperity.
7 Sri Lakshmi Kuber Pooja To get Kuberas grace and all prosperities in life.
8 Sri Sudarsana Homam To protect from enmities, to clear obstacles, black
magic in life.
9 Sri Piruthyunkara Homam To remove and protect from Pilli, Suniyam, Eaval, etc
10 Sri Santhana Gopala Homam To conceive, get progeny/children
11 Sri Poorva Genma Thosa Homam To remove and to dispel the past karma, bad effects
and to stop bad actions from evil thoughts.
12 Sri Maha Chandi Homam Remove obstacles, clear court cases, litigation, to
get auspicious results, progress and more prosperity.
13 Sri Dhanvanthri Homam To eliminate bad elements and improve health.
14 Sri Aishwaryalakshmi Homam For business improvements.
15 Sri Hayagreeva Homam To improve memory power, get good examination result.
16 Sri Vidya Saraswathi Homam Success in love/marriage.
17 Sri Vijaya Lakshmi Homam & Pooja Prosperity in acting/music/dance/success in job.
18 Sri Sankatahara Ganapathu Homam To clear obstacles, prosperity in job/career.
19 Sri Nakshatrasanthi Homam Nakshatra (birth star) dosham santhi.
20 Sri Bhagavathi Devi Homam Get more prosperity in life
21 Sri Sathyanarayana Homam To improve wealth and all round propects
22 Sri Mangala Gowri Homam To clear manglic dosham, remove obstacles in getting
suitable life partner.
23 Sri Vaanchakalpa Ganapathi Homam All round progress and prosperity.
24 Sri Vidya Navaavarana Homam To bring prosperities in life.
25 Sri Thila Homam To remove pithru dosham, obstacles in getting
prosperity in life, career, promotion in official career.
26 Sri Sarvaarishta Homam To remove all bad effects and get good prospects.
27 Sri Sarpasanthi Homam To remove the sarpadosham power delay in getting
alliance, puthra dosham
28 Sri Homam To earn more wealth, to improve financial status, to
get happiness in life.