What is Kalasarpa Dhosam

You are aware that that there are 12 houses in the Rasi Chart of a horoscope. Each house is 30degrees. Total 12×30=360Degrees. Rahu and Kethu will always be 180degrees apart. Now when all the other 7 Grahams. (Sun-Moon-Jupiter-Venus-Saturn, Mercury & Mars) and Lagnam  are within 180 degrees or on one side of  Rahu & Kethu, it is known as Kalasarpa Dosham. Some people call it as Kalasarpa Yogam. On the other side of Rahu & Kethu 5 houses should be vacant. There should not be any Graham in these 5 houses. Even if one house is occupied there will be No Kalasarpa Dosham. See the examples given below.

Example of Kalasarpa Dhosam

Kalasarpa Dhosam

Sample 1: Kalasarpa Dhosam

This example shows Rahu and Kethu 180 degrees apart.

The Positions of Rahu and Kethu will be different in many Horoscopes, but it  will always be opposite each other.

Kalasarpa Dhosam

Sample 2: Kalasarpa Dhosam

Sun – Guru – Lagnam  –  Sukran – Sani –  Chandran – Chevvai – Budhan

are in Right side of Rahu & Kethu.

X X X X X  > 5 houses on Left side are vacant.

Kalasarpa Dhosam

Sample 3: Kalasarpa Dhosam

Sukran and Budhan are on the left side of Rahu & Kethu.

Sun-Guru-Sani-Lagnam-Chandran & Chevvai are on Right side.

Grahams are on Both sides of Rahu & Kethu.

When one or more Grahams are seen in both sides of Rahu & Kethu , there is No Kalasarpa Dosham.


Kalasarpa Dosham will be present in many Horoscopes. Such persons should go to Khalahasthi, Thirunallar or Thirunageswaram and perform special Pooja / Milk Abishekam to clear the ill effects of Kalasarpa Dosham. The concerned person should visit one of the 3 places and do the Pooja / Prayer. Doing this by Proxy will not ward off the Dosham. It is enough to do this once.

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