Naga Chaturthi is for Ketu and Naga Panchami is for Rahu. Recently, Rahu has moved into Virgo and Ketu into Pisces and out of all the 12 zodiac signs, these signs are very powerful for Rahu and Ketu. Chaturthi is auspicious for Lord Ganesha and he is the overlord for Ketu, while Panchami is auspicious for Goddess Durga and she is the overlord for Rahu.

This year, Naga Chaturthi and Naga Panchami are directly connected with the snake planets Rahu and Ketu. On Naga Chaturthi, the Moon transits in the star Uttaraphalguni, which symbolizes oneness and Lord Ganesha is the God of oneness. So, worshiping Lord Ganesha on Naga Chaturthi day will be very powerful and auspicious for you. On Naga Panchami, the Moon transits in the star Hasta, which has a strong association with Goddess Parvati. So, worshipping Goddess Durga (a form of Goddess Parvati) will also be very auspicious for you.

There are 2 planets that can cause serious havoc in your chart and yet they don’t even exist. Rahu and Ketu are the mysterious shadow planets also known as the North and South nodes of the Moon. Rahu compels you to forget the past and have new experiences. Ketu compels you to embrace the past and uphold tradition. Both amplify whatever they are associated with for good or bad. The success or failure visited upon you by Rahu or Ketu often comes as a complete surprise. The energy and intensity of how the karma unfolds depends on the strength of Rahu and Ketu in a chart.

The Moon during these two days will be along with Rahu and will receive the aspect of Ketu. This means negative karma revealed in your birth chart associated with Rahu and Ketu can be cleared away with rituals to the 1,000 headed Lord of the Snakes, Adishesha. Worshipping the king of the Snake Kingdom Lord Adishesha will produce an immediate positive effect in your life. Pouring milk into snake pits is also a remedy to bring down the malefic influence of the snake planets in your birth chart. This is a special Naga Chaturthi and Naga Panchami due to the placement of Rahu-Ketu, and it will not repeat for another 18 years.

Naga Chathurthi (31st July 2014) and Naga Panchami (1st August 2014) are two auspicious times to remedy Rahu and Ketu afflictions. These days are important and is referred as Naga Chaturthi and Panchami. Naga Chaturthi or Panchami literally translated means “The Cobra’s 4th or 5th Waxing Moon“. The main benefit derived on these dates are that the effects of curses from Nagas (snakes) can be removed from you or your family. Naga’s are very powerful mystical beings that have a snake form and have the power to cast or remove curses. These snake planets, Rahu and Ketu are closely associated with Nagas and they can cause lifelong benefits or difficulties in finances, relationships and with health. Snakes are also closely associated with Kundalini and with many forms of the Goddess. The great Siddha Patañjali is considered to be an incarnation of the Naga King, Adishesha.

Rahu and Ketu together are seen as the cause behind most psychological disorders, incurable diseases, possession by negative entities, attraction to the dark side of life and sudden negative events. Offer prayers to Rahu and Ketu on Naga Chaturthi and Naga Panchami to have a check on their negative influence in your life.

These days are the perfect days to seek forgiveness and get relieved of curses accumulated through the deeds done consciously or unconsciously. By worshiping the Snake Gods during these days will bless with good generations, wealth and relief from diseases.

Naga Panchami is said to be the day on which Lord Brahma gave a boon to Serpents that they would get respected / worshipped by human beings on the Earth. Effects of curses from the snakes can be dissolved on this day.

The following effects have been observed when a Good or Bad Naga Dosha is strongly impacting you:

5 Rahu-Ketu Boons:

    • You are able to focus deeply on a given subject.
    • You have the ability to rule at the top of your profession.
    • You earn respect of others, though not everyone will like you.
    • You will have a strong belief in God. You may even have direct experiences.
    • People will find you mysterious & charming.

5 Symptoms of a Snake Affliction:

    • You constantly experience evil eye, jealously and curses from others.
    • Continuous problems in Marital life; Spouse always argues, and is negative.
    • Problem with attitude; sharp tongue, short tempered, lose temper for no reason.
    • Problems relating with others by being too secretive and aloof.
    • Hermit-like behaviour and a dishevelled appearance.

Thus Naga Chaturthi festival is celebrated by women for goodhealth of their Children. Some people observe Naga Chaturthi Viratham in the month of karthigai if they miss in the Adi masam.

On the day of the Naga Chaturthi some communities fast during the daytime and eat food only after sunset. Naturally, during this day women perform fasting for the well-being of their family and to protect them from the bites of snakes.

There is a belief that unmarried women who undertake Naga Chaturthi Viratham and do the pooja and feed snakes will get good husbands.

It is widely believed that the childless couples will be blessed with a child, if they observe the NagaChaturti Vratham.

Those who read the story from the Mahabharata on the day of Naga Chaturthi after worshipping Sarpas will be greatly relieved from the problems due to Sarpa dosha. The impact of Sarpa dosha is so severe that it may create early curtailment of wedlock, by death of spouse or divorce, delay in pregnancy or no pregnancy and unexpected miscarriage.


What to do on Naga Chaturthi

To wake up early in the morning, take bath and go to near by temples with idols of Sarpa devatas (snake idols) or to their pits & perform puja. To offer kukum, turmeric powder, lighten deepam and offer milk, eggs, fruits, flowers, and sweets. You can also do puja at home to the idols of snakes made by clay or silver and offer naivedya. Fast for the whole day is very auspicious. If doing pooja at home, make a rangoli outside the house with 2 Nags (Usually there is always a big Nag and small child Nag drawn in all the places). A similar one is done near the stove in the kitchen and on the Pooja Area on which the Naag is going to be kept for the pooja.

What to do on Naga Panchami

On this day, worshiping Lord Shiva, the holder of serpent, is considered auspicious. Fasting is kept in order to make God Snake happy. In this fast, intake of salt and fried things is prohibited. On Naga Panchami day, you could do pooja in a similar way as mentioned for Naga Chaturthi. You can also include Red mantrakakshata (red colored raw rice) and Red Vastra on this day. You also can make a Putthu like object using Clay and keep a few Naagas on it and do Pooja. This day is very important for people with KaalSarpha Dosham and they should keep fast and offer worshiping as mentioned above for the sake of pacification of KaalSarpa Dosham.