Naga Dhosam

Who is not afraid of snakes? So also we are scared about these two, Naga Dosham and Kalasarpa Dosham. But there is no need for such fear. Read this Article, Learn about Naga Dosham, and your fears will take leave of you. If the Girl and Boy horoscopes are matched properly, there is no need to worry. Now we will see what is Naga Dosham?

How to identify Naga Dhosam in Horoscope

In the Rasi Chart of the Horoscope, if RAHU or KETHU are found in Lagnam & 2 -4 -5 -7 -8 -12th houses from Lagnam or Chandran Naga Dosham is present.

Ill Effect of Naga Dhosam

1st & 2nd House.
Rahu or Kethu in 2nd place from Lagnam or Chandran may lead to difference of opinions , small small fights, Peace and Happiness at home will be disturbed,. In extreme cases it may lead to Separation either temporarily or permanently.

4th House.
Rahu or Kethu in the 4th house may be the reason for Chest pain or ailment, wife’s ill health, and  unhappy married life. In some cases it can also lead to Disputes about Property.

5th House
Rahu or Kethu from lagnam or Chandran in 5th house is also Naga Dosham. This can lead to Abortion and affect the prospects of getting Children. But if the 5th house Owner (Adhipathi) is in association with a friendly planet, this bad effect will reduce and will give way  for begetting children.

7th House
Rahu or Kethu in 7th hose from Lagnam or Chandran is KALATHRA Dosham. This may affect wife’s health, Misunderstanding and fighting between the Couple. In some cases it can lead to separation. But if the 7th house Adhipathi or Sukran are strong and friendly Kalatra Dosham will disappear.

8th House
Presence of Rahu or Kethu in the 8th house from Lagnam or Rasi is also Naga Dosham. Because of this one may suffer from Health related problems or Bites from Poisonous creatures. There could also be misunderstanding and fights between the couple. In extreme cases separation of the couple could happen. But if the 8th house is looked at by a good planet or if the 8th House Adhipathi is strong these bad effects will disappear.

12th House
Rahu or Kethu in the 12th place from Lagnam and Rasi is also Naga Dosham. Due to this infighting in the family, wasteful Expenditure, sufferings from ill health and ailments, Poisonous bites from insects, could happen. But if the 12th house Adhipathi is strong or if the 12th house is seen by a good Planet their will be relief from the bad effects.

Naga Dhosam & Marriage Compatibility

  • Naga Dosham is NOT present in both Girl and Boy horoscopes. Marriage will be recommended.
  • Naga Dosham is present for Boy and Girl. Marriage can be Recommended.
  • Naga Dosham is seen in Boy’s Horoscope and not in Girl horoscope. Marriage cannot be Recommended
  • In a Boy’s horoscope Rahu or Kethu is in 2-4-7-8-0r 12th place, but it is being looked at by a Sacred planet.
  • For this Girl’s horoscope with or without Naga Dosham can be matched and marriage Recommended but this will be Madhyamam. Good and Bad will be mixed in the married life of this couple.


Persons with Naga Dosham in their horoscope should go to the Temple in Kalahasthi, Thirunallar, or Thirunageswaram and do special Pooja / prayer to get rid of the ill effects of Naga Dosham.

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