Horoscope with Pariharam

Our Report brings your entire life in a nutshell. Detailed calculation and prediction on Personality, Marriage, Education, Career, Fortune, Special Yogas, Dasa Period Effects, Planetary Transit Forecast, Remedies / Pariharam, Astavarga Predictions and Favorable Periods.

Marriage Compatibility

By using Vedic Astrology, horoscopes matched based on various principles including Nakshatra Compatibility Check, Manglik Check, Dasa Sandhi Check and Papa Check. By using our report, one can generally judge the couple’s compatibility under different horoscopes.


Our Numerology Prediction is based on Birth Number, Name Number, and Ruling Planet and our report provide prediction on married life, health, profession, compatibility, color and directions. Our report also include a range of aspects that will help improve your life.

Gemstone Recommendation

Recommends suitable remedial gems based on the Birth Chart and Planetary Positions. Also provides instructions on the day and time on which the gem should be worn, the metal on which the gem is to be set and the finger to wear it on.


Our Varshapalan prediction provides indication of the fortunes from the New Year and an overall judgement of the year is given at the end of the annual forecast. This annual horoscope analysis and predictions are based on the principles of the Tajik system.


Our report provides auspicious time with detailed explanation based on PanchaBhuta by using Pakshi Shastra. You may use the auspicious time recommended for the day based on your Birth Bird to make / perform important action of your life.