Gemstone Recommendation

Throughout the ages, gemstones are believed to have special influences on human life and  have been seen as representations of wealth, power and healing properties. Today, gemstones are not just for the wealthy, these can be appreciated by anyone. The appropriate gemstone is derived upon by carefully studying the positions of planets in line with our birth star. The precise gemstone can in fact diminish negative effects in one’s life and enhance the positive impacts into whole new beautiful experiences.

Eminent Astrologers worldwide agree that by wearing only a correct gem stone at the correct time and for the correct duration, a person earns good luck, good health, wealth & prosperity.

Our  Report recommends suitable remedial gems based on the Birth Chart and Planetary Positions. Based on your birth date, time and place of birth, your correct Gemstone Recommendation Report is being made. The planetary effect and dasa-balance are considered for gem recommendation. We will also recommend & specify the exact gem carat, the right metal for setting the prescribed gem and the correct finger to be worn. Also suggested is the correct day to wear the gem stone and the period it needs to be worn so as to get the optimum benefit from the gem stone.

Please note that the gems recommended will not remain the most suitable for you through out your entire life. It may have to be reviewed depending on the changes in your personal life and dasa periods. More over the importance and priorities you attach to the problems may also shift from time to time. Therefore it would be advisable to recheck your gem prescription when required.

It is believed that the astrological remedial power of a gemstone will diminish when a person wears it for a long period. Approximate periods for the gems are as follows. Pearl 2 years, Ruby  4 years, Emerald 3 years, Diamond 7 years, Red coral 3 years, Yellow Sapphire 4 years, Blue Sapphire  5 years, Hessonite  3 years and Cat’s Eye 5 years. It is suggested that a new ring is made with a new stone after this period for best results.

Gemstone Recommendation Report available in Tamil &  English Language. You may  select your desired language during the ordering process.