Marriage Compatibility

Our report gives the matching report of your spouse after careful analysis of both the horoscopes. By using Vedic Astrology, horoscopes matched based on various principles including Nakshatra Compatibility Check, Manglik Check, Dasa Sandhi Check and Papa Check. This complex calculation is based on the traditional Indian system of finding the best possible compatibility between a couple. By using this module, one can generally know and judge compatibility with persons born under different nakshatras / horoscopes. Compatibility check between the partners is of immense importance in Indian marriages for a successful relationship.

Our report consist of  the below details:

  • Birth Star compatibility gives the Birth star based compatibility
  • South Indian Calculations provides Kuja Dosha / Guna Milan based checks
  • Papasamyam Comparison provides Papa (Dosha) comparison
  • Dasa-sandhi Check provides dasa sandhi for the couple

Our Kalyanam Porutham Report / Marriage Compatibility Report is available in Tamil &  English Language. You may  select your desired language during the ordering process. You may also check both you and your partner’s horoscope report as well as compatibility reports via our Couple’s Package Report.