This is prepared after careful analysis of your Horoscope which is based on the constellation of the celestial bodies during the time of birth. Your birth moment is compared with the positions of planets at the time of your birth and the current planet positions in your horoscope.

The sun transits one circle of 360 degrees of the zodiac in a whole year. To analyse the results for a specific year of your life, a horocope is cast for the time when the Sun in transit reaches exactly where it was at the time of your birth.This horoscope is used to predict events and foretell your life for that particular year. The annual or progressed horoscope is similar to that of the Siderial Solar Return chart in Western Astrology.

Varshaphalan Guide is also known as the Tajaka or Tajik system of astrology. The annual horoscope analysis and predictions given here are based on the principles of the Tajik system. The point called Varushapirappu, is the entry into the new year and has great significance. This is calculated as per the elaborate methods suggested in the ancient texts. The day of the week of your birth, is also considered for Varushapirappu. Apart from the ascendant in the annual chart, called Varsha Lagna other important influences analysed are that of the Muntha, the Lord of Muntha and the Lord of the year.

In the foregoing analysis, you can see that the effects of various factors are sometimes contradictory and at times reinforcing. While some unfavourable influences are neutralised by favourable factors, often you will experience all these at least partially at sometime during the year. An overall judgement of the year is given at the end of the annual forecast.

Please remember that the Varshaphalan period covers an entire year from the day of Varushapirappu.

This predictions given here are indications of the fortunes ahead for a year and an overall judgement of the year is given at the end of the annual forecast. You can surely surmount any hard times, by your diligence, will-power and the grace of God  and surely it  will be a complete reference which helps to predict events and foretell your life for a year.

This Varshapalan Report is available in English and Tamil Languages. Please select your desired language during the ordering process.