When planets come very near to Sun they get ‘Moudhyam’ (combust). Planets in ‘Moudhyam’ produce very bad effects. Moon within 12, Mars 17, Mercury 14 degrees – 12 degrees when retrograde, Jupiter 11, Venus 9 and Saturn 15 degrees of the Sun are considered to be in Moudhyam.

Sun illuminate where sit in the house. Sun combust the planet so that we can see our mistake. Sun is purifying planet, it is mild malefic, cruel, and purifying the things which we needed for our soul growth. Every planet represent certain qualities when a planet is combust it loses its positive qualities. Due to heat of Sun the planets which are close to Sun does not feel comfortable and it becomes angry or frustrate and lacks the power of what they represents as living karaka and the house they rule.

Combustion as the result of certain life lessons and energies not being validated in our childhood, many times by the father (The Sun). In such cases, as a child the father or authority figure may have been too busy or just emotionally unavailable themselves to validate and honor the needs of the native relative to the combust planet.

Combust Moon (conjunction of Sun and Moon)  represents emotions, mother, mind, peace and connection, psychology of the person. When moon get combust the person have dull and restless mind and lot of anger because moon gets evaporate in sun heat. This leaves the native unable to feel peaceful and connected. The native have hard time with mother and feels lack of nourishment from mother due to that the native can go in depression and agony.
Combust Mars (conjunction of Sun and Mars) represent strength to fight, anger with in us, courage, willpower, principle and discipline. When Mars is combust it show too much aggression. Combust Mars feels frustrated as it does not feel powerful, tough or courageous enough. The native become very sensitive and argumentative and have a “win at all costs” attitude.
Combust Mercury (conjunction of Sun and Mercury) represents communication, analytical and intellectual power, flexibility and rational thinking. When Mercury is Combust there is lot of confusion, the native loses his analytical and intellectual power and not able to take right decisions. The person become lazy in his decision making. There is lot of miscommunication and misunderstanding with people.
Combust Jupiter (conjunction of Sun and Jupiter) represent money, moral, believe, wisdom, luck, higher education, husband in women life children, creativity, spiritualism and religion. Jupiter is a very important planet because it control many things in life. When Jupiter is Combust native suffer many areas of life. The native may feels frustrated due to lack of hope and feeling of purposelessness and unworthiness. The native become very rigid in his believe and very dogmatic. The native may suffer relating with the kids, marriage and higher education and finance.
Combust Venus  (conjunction of Sun and Venus) represents luxury, relationship, love, beauty, creativity, art, vehicle, mutual respect and appreciation. Venus represents sociability and tends to be easy-going and affectionate. The native with a combust Venus has a hard time feeling valued and appreciated. This left the native insecure about showing affection and maintaining a healthy sense of dignity when looking for affection. The native feels disrespected and lack of appreciation from others. They feel they are not appreciated, respected and not loved. Sun with Venus give more than one relationship in someone life. Sun is the planet of power, authority and career, and Venus is the planet of relationship. These people have situation in their life whether they want to choose career or relationship. depending on the sign which planet is strong they get result. This the reason for these people they may separated or get away from thier partner. if they understood this part of this conjnction they can avoid many problems in relationship. Sun is the ultimate power in the power of Sun, Venus (relationship) may suffer. they people need to learn to give importance to others.
Combust Saturn (conjunction of Sun and Saturn) represents career, boss in office, structure, organization, mass people, labour work, hard work and responsibility. Saturn is the main planet for carrier when Saturn is combust the native have lot of carrier problem due to their attitude they feel overburden towards responsibilities. They have problem with their boss in office. There is the feeling that “I have done enough” as resentments build about even the most basic duties in personal or professional situations. The person develop bitterness and feeling of being overworked. Due to this unwillingness to simply perform their duties situations often messes up.

Combust Rahu and Ketu
 they does not combust but they engulf the sun when they sits with sun. In this case sun loses his all good qualities.
Sun with Rahu (conjunction of Sun and Rahu) show a native may appear very confident but there is usually stress and fear beneath the surface revolving around a lack of confidence because sun is our ego and confidence and rahu is fear and anxiety. These people are very egoistic and they think they are very important personality and show importance to others. They may have bad relationship with father. Overtime, a person become very realistic about their own importance and greater understanding of themselves beyond the level of personality.
Sun with Ketu (conjunction of Sun with Ketu) show lack of confidence because Ketu want perfection, they don’t know about their confidence because Ketu is hidden planet. but they are very confident inside.
Remedies Of Combust Planets:

  1. The cause of combustion is the sun, so one should worship sun..
  2. Surya namaskar in the morning, Surya Namaskar is good way to manage stress.
  3. Pour milk on shivling on saturday in the morning before 12 pm.
  4. Meditation, if we do meditation we can better understand our flaws and try to fix that.
  5. Respect father or fatherly figure.

Sun is mild malefic satwic planet, sun is purifier of our negative energy, here is the message of sun which planet is combust the person needs to understand that planet energy and should try to fix that.