There is specific degree in the zodiac in which planets are in their highest quality or considered exalted point or fully awake. The exalted planets show the full strength. The planet must be in early or later degree of the certain zodiac sign to be exalted. The more closer the degree the more effect will be felt.

Planets exalted point and their effect

Exalted Sun: Sun exalted in 10 deg. Aries. When Sun exalted the person is inspired, able to sacrifice humble, honorable, and strong willed.
Exalted Moon: Moon exalted in 3 deg. Taurus. When Moon exalted the person is peaceful, beautiful, connected, and stable emotionally.
Exalted Mars: Mars exalted in 28 deg. Capricorn. When Mars exalted the person is full of patience, focused, strong will, and discipline.
Exalted Mercury: Mercury exalted in 15 deg. Virgo. When Mercury exalted the person is jolly nature, skillful, detail oriented, discriminative mind set, and sensible.
Exalted Jupiter: Jupiter exalted in 5 deg. Cancer. When Jupiter exalted the person is full of wisdom, loving, expansive, wise, gracious, and generous.
Exalted Venus: Venus exalted in 27 deg. Pisces. When Venus exalted the person is happy for no reason,, spiritual and devoted, and respectful.
Exalted Saturn: Saturn exalted in 20 deg Libra. When Saturn exalted the person is balanced, have good judgmental power, practical, humble, and thriving in solitude.
Exalted Rahu: considered exalted in Taurus. Highly ambitious and practical.
Exalted Ketu: considered exalted in Scorpio. Resistant to ups and downs in life, and fearless.
Exalted planets means the person mind is fully aware of the situation or surrounding. There is misconception about exalted planets they always give good result. Result of the planets is depend on the which house planets rule and in which house planets are sitting. There are some difficulties felt by the people who have exalted planets but they rule dusthana houses (6th, 8th, and 12th house). Therefore every planet act differently for each ascendant because they rule different house in the horoscope. The planets are the force of nature that allow our higher conscious to unfold through whatever they rule in the chart. The house of exaltation and debilitation show which area of life will allow for the the highest quality the planet to unfold and through house transformation will occur in life.
Those people have exalted planets in their horoscope it doesn’t mean they escape unpleasant part of life. Everyone have to face unpleasantness of life but it matter how you face it. Exalted planets simply mean the person is mature and able to manage life worse situation with dignity.