When a planet is retrograde it appears to be moving backward in the sky. A retrograde planet looks like it’s going backwards in the sky but it is not, it is stationary in the sky and look like it moving back relative to the earth movement. Retrograded means reflection of things related to the planet. A retrograde planet is very strong. many of the things the planet rules become confused and backup in our minds. Re-thinking, Re-evaluating, and Re-assaying is the theme of retrograde planets. The lack of confidence and the confusion around what the planet rule in our life becomes a source of greater scrutiny but eventually it gives greater clarity in our mind with time this leads to improving the area of life which they rule.

Effect of Retrograde planets in life.

Retrograde Saturn: A retrograde Saturn makes the individual seek a different kind of responsibility and purpose in life. The person may be challenged by either the father or other authority figures to take more responsibility for their actions. Through the past life experiences, they answer their critics with a slow persistence of reaching their goals in life. Where the planet is by house and where it rules shows the area where they will have to strive hard for success. A retrograde Saturn builds the character to accept small gains in the long process of success. Security issues need to be addressed in their present life. Saturn’s sign in the chart is where the person needs to address the demands and responsibilities of life.

Saturn Retrograde gives a deep sense of frustration, obstruction,  slowness, limitation,  and secretiveness. Brings lack of progress, feelings of inferiority and timidity.  Saturn is significator of carrier, money, social circle, long term plans, and  hard work. Retrograde Saturn redouble the  efforts on the all these things. Saturn always indicates a continuous karma from the past, and much of what is done is a repeat of the past. Retrograde Saturn steadies ambition, lacks confidence, and is highly resistant to change and tends to keep the individual tied to the past. Has inner fears of commitments. Struggle with opponents and hard work without recognition, Can be self-defeating, with many stress patterns. Saturn Retrograde brings karmic duties, and frustration can be therapeutic in developing inner strength. The individual should not build a wall around himself, is inhibited or sad and weak, complaining, and reluctant. the person have to do lot of hard work to completed things, long-term plans slowdown. The person always  adjust, readjust and recalculate strategy of the life. Due to that person settle late in life, they  needs more insight.

Retrograde Jupiter: Jupiter is very important planet in astrology Jupiter is a teacher, wisdom, believe, faith, spirituality, religion,finance, significator of children. Jupiter Retrograde makes native overconfident, extravagance, overbearing and too blunt. it can create lawlessness and problems with authorities. Retrograde Jupiter Has a strong sense of righteousness and is very opinionated when it comes to religion. Retrograde Jupiter create confusion around many aspect of life. The native Lives in a world which has been internalized and reflect on religion, spirituality, philosophies, teachers, and sense of meaning and purpose. They may suffer in education, finance, they tends to reexamine or question a lot  things related with Jupiter but with time they become good money manager  because they suffered initially. They become very spiritual in their later life.
Retrograde Mars represents our principal, discipline in movement, inner strength, our fighting ability,  will power, our action taking ability. Mars also present brother and male friend in a women chart. Mars retrograde the person confused about Mars related things. these people feel lack of energy they never initiate anything they feel lethargic. They think more before taking any action. They have weak will power the native,  think a lot about their principles and may become frustrated due to a lack of discipline within them. Mars Retrograde increase combativeness, friction, temper, passion, severe temperament, impulsiveness to act and assert himself based on personal desire. Passion and anger are expressed differently. Undue haste can cause accidents. Relationships are nearly always distorted on the sexual level or the sex drive is increased and never feels satisfied. This person is likely to have multiple partners. Retrograde Mars  is more difficult for females. Prone to unreliability in love relationship It can cause feelings of guilt and blame, which tend to cause isolation. The individual wants to feel close but holds himself back. Women may have overcharged sexual energy and tension can cause conflicts, frigidity and difficulty in relationship with  male.
Retrograde Venus: Venus represents the love, happiness, relationship, romance, creativity ,compromise in relationship. Retrograde Venus reflect a lot on Venus aspect of life.  These people are reserved in relationship.  They always calculate and reevaluate relationship. They take too much cautioned in relationship because of this they ruined their relationship. They try to perfect the things related with the Venus but life is not perfect people are not perfect one should learn to live life with this imperfect world so that we can stay happy.  Venus signifies and sensuality and love,  with retrograde Venus it does not flow smoothly. There is always difficulty with the opposite sex, creating misunderstandings. People with this placement have a powerful tendency to mistrust most offers of love and tend to jump to conclusions about feelings. They want to be reached and touched but do not want to admit it and in fact they are difficult to reach and touch, as they are fearful of being hurt. They respond poorly to the emotional needs of others. Retrograde Venus has a tendency to hide from her own feelings, therefore, they tends to go through life the hard way. Feeling sorry for herself causes unhappiness and social disharmony. They do not value the finer things of life. In the male, intrigues lead to enmity with women, disappointments, and unsatisfactory arrangements with others. Retrograde Venus people are late bloomer and untidy and they may keep their emotions under tight control and may look for abnormal relationships. With time these people learn lesson about love and they become very mature in love.
Retrograde Mercury: Mercury is our logical mind, its our communication ability, how we analyzed things, our intelligence its depend on mercury. Mercury retrograde people  are very careful and fearful about mercury related things like speech, calculations, communication or analysed the things very deeply. They always reassessing the things, they think a lot so that things can’t go wrong related with mercury stuff.  Retrograde Mercury has a fault-finding inferiority complex. These individuals find it difficult to concentrate and to focus, slow perception can create learning difficulties, Excessive nervous activity can manifest as difficulties with the family, relatives, and others. A lack of patience can create poor judgment through impulsive thinking. The Retrograde Mercury makes mental concentration difficult, and irritability triggers feelings of separation. The individual is uncommunicative or has superficial, unpopular opinions. His ideas have power but he lacks the opportunities for them to manifest. He can be self-critical, worries a lot, has difficulty making quick decisions, and can be absent-minded and uninformed. Criticism and recklessness can lead to resentments.

Sun and Moon never retrograde.

Rahu and Ketu are always retrograde they are never direct.

Generally retrograde planet delays what ever they signify in life. Retrograde planet teaches a lesson we should not think more about certain things. If we think more in relationship and always doubt other person,it always ruin the relationship.