Why Astrology is Important?

According to Oxford dictionary (7th edition); Astrology is the study of a position of the stars and movements of planets in belief that they influence human affairs.

Many years ago astrologers/jyotish used to identify the solar eclipse and lunar eclipse. In that period science was not fully developed. But now at these period scientists also claims the same day as astrologers are identifying from hundreds of years ago.

Now, we can know that the calculation and the prediction of astrology are correct. Hence, we cannot just ignore astrology. Astrology is useful in predicting future events to a degree, and even influences your mood, the moods of those you know and associate with, and the reactions you have to what happens day-to-day.

It is found that many great scientists like Albert Einstein and Sir Isaac Newton also believed in astrology. In this universe there are so many systems among which solar system which include all the planets and sun is the biggest one. On the other hand, we human beings also have some systems inside or outside our body like respiratory system, circulatory system, skeletal system, marriage system(when someone marries some other) etc. And the fact is that our system (small system) is fully dependent on the system of universe (large system).We can identify day, night, directions, and can fell warmness, coldness, sorrows, happiness etc. because of the influence of those large system in our small system. Hence, this is the reason why we astrologers used to say “It is the planet that governs our condition.” There are many rules, regulations, logics, and calculations in astrology which cannot be false, but there may be some controversy.

Anciently, astrology was considered one of the most important subjects to study. Evidence of astrology in daily life in addition to maps of stars have been found in prehistoric cave drawings, the Egyptian pyramids, and ancient manuscripts. In fact, in the Christian bible, it is easy to realize that the birth of Christ was foretold through the use of astrology. The star of Bethlehem was an astrological event with numerous astrological meanings and several stars. The wise men from the east mentioned in Matthew were able to foretell that a major event would occur in Judah because of the alignment of planets in the constellation of the Lion. Basically, that means that the wise men were astrologists who were able to interpret the stars and movements of the planets in order to be there for that auspicious event.

People in India and China still put a lot of weight behind astrology. It is practiced in daily lives, and often base major life decisions on the science of astrology. Many other cultures also still value astrology when making decisions.

Astrology, in its most basic and true form, is of utmost importance. It is the study of planets and stars, and their influence on our lives. The influences are remarkably real, and shouldn’t be dismissed. For instance, near the new moon, you might have noticed marked indecisiveness while trying to do something. The different phases of the moon can affect your emotions and mind, and probably do it more than you realize.

Your might have realized that your moods also change quite drastically during some stretches of time that seem to have no pattern. If you explore astrology further, you will soon see that these changes in mood correspond to different planetary alignments or movements. You can view the position of planets in your astrological chart whenever you choose in relation to your birth chart. Using these tools can help you understand your reactions and changes in mood.

Astrology’s importance is intertwined with the influence of the stars, moon, and sun on your everyday life. Since your life is influenced so much by events and people, understanding how people and events are influenced by astrology is incredibly helpful. You will be able to use your knowledge to your benefit. Put off making important decisions until your emotions are going to be more stable. Astrology is an essential influence on your life, though you might not have realized it before now.